Sofia loves sharing her knowledge with the groups available to listen online by conducting online webinars. In the year of 2015 she offered a webinar for Rishar Children’s Clinics of St. Peterburg, Russia.  The webinar lasted 60 minutes and was a huge success.

During the webinar Sofia uses visual aids and models to illustrate each point.  For your convenience a Power Point Presentation is available on the computer screen.

Here are some of the topics available for webinars:

  1. Separate workshops for each season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) – what to expect from each season: diet, nutrition, daily routine and exercises
  2. Healing Touch for Children (Baby Marmassage/Reflexology and Acupressure)
  3. How to stay young beautiful (Facial Marma + Reflexology)
  4. Self-Help Reflexology Workshop
  5. Family help Reflexology Workshop
  6. Colors and Days of the week from Ayurvedic Perspective
  7. How to deal with Negative energy
  8. Immunity
  9. How to handle stress using Reflexology and Acupressure

The webinars are available via SKYPE or as part of the group chat room during educational marathons.

Sofia will gladly accept an invitation to present to your groups on the topics of wellness.  For organizers – she can be contacted via contact form.

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