SCULPTURAL FACELIFT, The Yakov Gershkovich Method

In November 2018 I was fortunate to attend Yakov Gershkovich’s training in Sculptural Face lift.

In his own words, “The SCULPTURAL FACE LIFTING is a gym class for the face. Facial massage works because the rapid movements promote blood circulation and stimulate muscles memory, making the skin perfectly refreshed. The deep tissue massage takes a step further by applying motions external and internal face muscles. This non-surgical face lifting and rejuvenation is an alternative to face injections and plastic surgeries.”

This massage is especially beneficial for people who can appreciate a  non-surgical approach to beauty as well as people who suffer from TMJ.

Examples of my work can be found


In April 2020 I had the privilege to learn from one of my favorite Face and Foot Reflexology Instructors Lone Sorensen.

Benefits of Japanese Cosmo Lifting base treatment:

Rejuvenate the face
Reduces wrinkles and lines
Improve skin and muscle tone
Refreshes skin
Eliminates toxins
Balances body functions
Deep relaxation

The following tools are used at the end of the treatment to further enhance the LIFT:
Crystal Spoon
Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz spheres (ball lifting technique)
Crystal thumbs