Community ServiceIn the year of 2014 Sofia became World Reflexology Foundation (WRF) Trainer that is committed to community service.  The World Reflexology Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation.

WRF’s mission is to make it possible for everyone in the world to receive the benefits of Reflexology by providing services and instruction in Self-Help and Family-Help Reflexology, locally and globally, working with individuals, groups, organizations and countries.

Self-Help and Family-Help Reflexology can be offered in private homes and organizations.  Sofia is a frequent guest speaker to deliver Self-Help workshops at San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, as well as high schools in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Doing community service is very rewarding, especially when it comes to spreading knowledge how people can help themselves and their families using natural approach to healing.



The World Reflexology Foundation invites everyone – individuals, groups, organizations, countries – to help bring Reflexology to all the people of the world.  Donations collected at the class are then forwarded to World Reflexology Foundation (WRF) so more people in the world can learn how to improve their health using simple skills and knowledge of Reflexology.

Sofia Ianovskaia presents at “Invest in Yourself” event May 28, 2017.

When considering to become a host for Self-Help/Family help workshop, it is wise to discuss with your participants what is important for them to learn during the workshop and the format.

For some participants there can be a combination of Self-Help and Family, and for others, it is important just to do self-help.

During the training Sofia uses visual aids to personally assists each participant to better understand the reflexes.

In the past some hosts chose the following topics:

1.  How to deal with Headaches
2.  Stiff neck
3.  Lower back pain

“Sofia did a presentation for 25 staff at our annual retreat last week. We met at a park, and had the presentation in a pavilion at picnic tables. Sofia offered a lively, fun and educational hour-long presentation on Reflexology, to assist our staff with their all-important self care. The staff reported to me that they not only enjoyed the presentation, but were looking forward to utilizing the techniques. It was a wonderful addition to our usual games and team building exercises. Our thanks, Sofia!!!!”

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