Sofia is an experienced public speaker/Instructor and is available to speak to your organization or group on reflexology and Energy Balancing and its benefits. Presentations will be modified to fit your specific setting and can include reflexology self-help tips. Sofia is a dynamic and informative presenter who keeps her audience captivated with her passion for Reflexology, Energy Balancing, and Ayurveda.

Sofia has been teaching Foundations of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Bodywork since the year of 2013.

Sofia is available to teach Reflexology and Ayurveda at any Massage school or program where this knowledge is desired to obtain.

In addition, Sofia offers workshops/presentations at Adult Senior Citizens centers, Graduate Schools, High schools, and other communities.

Below is a list of topics available for presentations to choose from:

  • Ear, Hand, Face, and Foot Reflexology (online) and on-ground
  • Energy Balancing Course online and on-ground
  • Medical Terminology online and on-ground
  • Separate workshops for each season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) – what to expect from each season: diet, nutrition, daily routine and exercises
  • Learn a method to stay beautiful (Facial Marma + Reflexology)
  • Self-Help Reflexology Workshop
  • Family-Help Reflexology Workshop
  • Colors and Days of the week from Ayurvedic Perspective
  • How to deal with negative energy
  • Immunity
  • How to handle stress using Reflexology and Acupressure
  • Healing Touch for Children (Baby Marmassage/Reflexology and Acupressure)

Interested for Sofia to teach at your location – contact Sofia at tel: 818 516 7526, fill out the contact form

Energy Balancing Course online:

DESCRIPTION: This 4 (four) hour course combines an interactive study presented as lecture style and practicum. It is a comprehensive overview of seven (7) major chakras and chakra balancing techniques using muscle testing (body/hands) and Pendulum. Tools like dowsing rods and cosmic chakra set will be demonstrated.

The course is perfect for healers, massage therapists, or laypeople who have an interest in natural health or pursuing a career in a field of healthcare or massage therapy.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of Energy Balancing course participants will be able to:
• Become familiar with seven (7) major chakras.
• Learn the relationship between chakras, endocrine system, colors, and elements.
• Understand how to balance the chakras.  Discover the magic of candles.
• Confidently use a pendulum and various types of muscle testing.

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Ear Reflexology online and on-ground

This four (4) hours course combines an interactive study presented as lecture style and practicum.  The students will learn to identify and become familiar with Ear Anatomy, Ear Reading, and Basic Ear Reflexology Routine.  The course is perfect for estheticians, massage therapists, reflexologists, or laypeople who have an interest in natural health.

At the conclusion of the Ear Reflexology course the participants will be able to:

  • Become familiar with Ear Anatomy
  • Discover Ear reading
  • Learn Reflexing techniques for the Ears
  • Develop self-care and client care basic Ear reflexology routine
  • Perform simple protocols that are condition-specific: Lower back pain, stiff neck, nervousness
  • Chakra balancing through the ears

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Foundations of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Bodywork 

This 8 – 16-hour course is taught by Sofia at the massage schools:

  • learn to identify and become familiar with your individual Ayurvedic body constitution, and develop a practical daily life routine for a healthy lifestyle according to Ayurveda.
  • discover specific tools which will improve your vital energy, diet, and make possible unlimited joyful health and personal growth
  • embrace ancient Ayurvedic bodywork massage technique which was used for Indian royalty and apply it for self-massage and in your practice

Please contact Sofia for a detailed syllabus for the course.

SVA Facial Marma & Face Reflexology Course

The course is a 10 – 12 hour program available for massage therapy students, beauty industry professionals and anyone interested in taking care of their beautiful face.

  • What’s in a face? Learn the principles of Face Reading
  • Embrace various types of facial massages to stay young, healthy and beautiful
  • Develop daily self-care/clients-care protocol using special tools: facial rollers, Kansa Face wand, and a lot more

Please contact Sofia for a detailed syllabus for the course.

Sofia loves sharing her knowledge with the groups available to listen online by conducting online webinars. In the year of 2015 she offered a webinar for Rishar Children’s Clinics of St. Peterburg, Russia.  The webinar lasted 60 minutes and was a huge success.

During the webinar Sofia uses visual aids and models to illustrate each point.  For your convenience, a PowerPoint Presentation is available on the computer screen.

The webinars are available via Zoom.