What to expect from your session?

You lie down comfortably in a zero gravity chair (recliner) with your socks and shoes off.  There is no need to undress.  A brief health history will be taken to discuss where you carry tension and experience discomfort.  I will carefully examine your ears, hands and feet to discuss the plan of action.

What is the difference between reflexology and massage?

Massage deals with touch over the entire body while in Reflexology only shoes and socks are removed, the client stays fully clothed.  The pressure is not as important in Reflexology as in massage.  Massage focuses more on muscular, circulatory and lymphatic system while Reflexology deals with effect on the each internal organ and major glands.

How does reflexology feel?

Everyone comments that after the session they feel very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Some clients report that they feel lighter, less tense, and more focused.  I hear comments that the night after the session they had the best sleep and could breathe easier.

Some people think that they cannot have Reflexology as they are ticklish.  Reflexology is not ticklish.  I also hear that some clients had out of the body experience and saw colors as they felt so relaxed during the session.

Does reflexology hurt?

Per technique I am using, Reflexology does not have to hurt.  You are here to relax.  I will apply certain pressure on your ears, hands and feet, face and scalp using my thumb, index and middle finger.  Occasionally I will use some tools to help break a congestion.  At this time you may experience some discomfort which we call “it hurts good”.

How often should I receive reflexology sessions?

It will depend on your stress level and how well your body responds to the sessions.  If there is an acute health issue – 2 sessions are week are recommended.  After that – one session a week followed by maintenance once a month.  I will show you self-help techniques which can be used in between sessions.

How fast can I expect results?

Every person is different.  It will also depend on how long you had this condition.  If your condition is chronic, you will most likely need to have more sessions.  I recommend having 6-8 sessions and then reevaluate how you feel and the progress you made.

Are there any side effects from reflexology?

Reflexology is a safe and non-invasive form of touch, there are no known side effects.  It allows you to relax your body so you can function more effectively.  If you have any serious medical conditions, I will request an authorization from your doctor to confirm if Reflexology sessions will be beneficial to you.  You may or may not experience a healing crisis after each session.  For more information about it please follow the link to http://www.enaturalhealthcures.com/healing-crisis.html

It is recommended to a lot of drink water after the session and to take it easy: no sports activities, no alcohol, just a nice foot soak, a bath, a nap, or a moon walk.