Reflexology Coloring Book by Lisa Mary Chan – English version


Can be used as mini Reflexology textbook.  Great self-care tool for both adults and kids.  Can be given to Reflexology clients to learn certain reflexes.  Includes unique Reflexology maps of Ears, Hands and Feet by Bill Flocco, Director of American Academy of Reflexology.

Price in US: $23.00 (includes shipping in handling)
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“Got my copy of this unique and fantastic Reflexology Coloring Book.  All I can say it would be a helpful business tool to add to your practice in more ways than one.  It offers a variety of self-help tips to copy and handout to your clients.  Their children will be delighted if Mom, Aunt, or Uncle bring a page home for coloring.  That is if they are willing to sacrifice the page.  It is reasonably priced and a once in a lifetime purchase and one of a kind. Ordering was easy and efficient.  I got mine in three days.  Love it. 

Gerlinde Bowen, Reflexologist